Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

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It’s a nice day in Meepleton. You and your friends are enjoying the day without a care in the world . . .

BOOM! Transformers blow, cars crash, people fall to the ground.

RAWR! Nearby, a giant monster wreaks havoc!

Hurry! Get to the school’s forgotten fallout shelter.

Do what you must to survive.

Looks like the apocalypse is here!

  • A light 2-player tabletop game in a mini mint tin
  • 5-10 minutes
  • Ages 10 and up

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse with Manhole Expansion contains:

  • 5 blue meeples
  • 5 yellow meeples
  • 1 green monster meeple
  • 2 blue Chessex dice
  • 2 yellow Chessex dice
  • 1 green monster Chessex die
  • 2 supply cubes
  • 1 hand-pressed Fallout Shelter (FoS)
  • 1 Manhole Expansion sewer cover US-minted brass coin
  • 1 virtually indestructible Revlar game instructions with Manhole Expansion
  • 1 sleeved mini game poster with backstory

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